Project : Vibso          Year : 2013

  • Vibso is a new type of headphones. It uses vibration technology to transmit sound through a transparent acrylic glass, which is the headband of the headset. Vibso headphones play tracks via Bluetooth and create sound using a vibrating electromagnet hidden in the top of the headband, beneath an opaque plastic cover. Similar to how a speaker works, the electromagnet moves a connecting element that in turn causes a membrane to pulsate. The sound is transmitted evenly across the membrane, and thus fits all heads. Being essentially plastic, it's perfeclty waterproof. Transparent Plexiglas recalls the transparency of sound.

  • You are bathed in music without being isolated like with normal headphones.

  • It was published on many websites as and in the magazine : Usbek & Rica

photography : ecal / Renaud Defrancesco