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BG Sustainable Development Prize

BG Sustainable Development Prize is awarded to Renaud Defrancesco, a student at the ECAL

The BG Sustainable Development Prize is awarded each year at several higher education institutions in recognition of outstanding thesis projects based on their economic, ecological and social merits.

The 2014 prize at the Lausanne Cantonal School of Art was awarded to Renaud Defrancesco for his work on LED technology. Due to its durability, reliability and low heat output, LED technology has become the gold standard for lighting. Mr. Defrancesco's thesis focuses on light bulbs used as lamps in their own right, since LED lights do not need special bulbs, unlike other type of lighting. Mr. Defrancesco redesigned the contours of the protective glass into the shape of lamps and lampshades. His work encourages awareness of the sustainability of objects and drives thinking about consumption and sustainable development.

The jury consisted of Alexis Georgacopoulos (ECAL’s director), Elric Petit (responsible for the Bachelor’s degree programme in Industrial Design), Vincent Jacquier (head of the Visual Communications department) and Laurent Vulliet (BG Group’s CEO).

Source : BG website

Bulb LMP

On the picture from left to right: A.Georgacopoulos, L.Vulliet, R.Defrancesco, E.Petit