Project : Maïa          Year : 2017          Client : L'émailleur

  • The coffee table MAÏA is the result of numerous months of research on a noble material, quite unknown by the public : the enamel.

    The enamelling surface treatement on steel plates, known and used from time immemorial, is now updated and applied to a new concept of furniture. Enhanced by the incredible properties of this material, the coffee table MAÏA resists numerous daily life assaults. Indeed, scratch-resistant, easy to clean and offering colors of an incredible brightness, this new coffee table aims to be original, unique, sophisticated and long-lasting. Moreover, the enamel is a natural and clean material, because it is mainly made of silica, element which composes approximately 60% of the earth's crust.

    Thanks to its mineral pigments, that do not discolor under the influence of the ultraviolet radiation, as well as its multiple choices of colors and graphics, this object will be able to adapt itself both to your internal and external spaces. As to the thin aluminium powder coated table legs, with a propellers look, they bring a subtle touch of lightness and movement, while accentuating the delicate fineness of the enamelled plate.

    New born of a first range of enamelled products, the name MAÏA, mother of Hermes in the Greek mythology, evokes the revival, the creative principle and the growth.


  • Project in collaboration with Lucien Papilloud